Directional Proportional Spool Valve: PSL

V60N-130 Axial Piston Pump

One product in four sizes with a selection of six actuations and countless additional options all in a modular design bring simplicity to the configuration of your control.

State-of-the art technology, high-power density, small footprint, low internal leakage: That’s the proportional directional spool valve PSL made by HAWE Hydraulics.

Your advantage: A single product for nearly all of your hydraulic control functions and machine sizes. Make your daily work easier and save money overall.

Technical Benefits
Economic Benefits
 Made of steel: high power density,
    small footprint
 One product for many different control
  Maximum operation pressure 420 bar   Size chosen according flow requirements
    of the individual consumer
  Individual maximum flow for each
    consumer port can be precisely controlled
 Housing surface is treated to prevent
    corrosion, requiring no additional coating
 Various actuation modes are available
    and combinations are possible
 When combined with a variable
    displacement pump, energy efficiency is
 Different sizes can be combined in one
    valve bank
 Maintenance is simple because of the
    modular design

Learn more about the PSL.

Download the PSL Datasheet.

The V40M: For the Mid-Pressure Range

V60N-130 Axial Piston Pump

The new pump has been designed for open-circuits in mobile machines and has a displacement volume of 2.75 in3/rev. Its swash plate design allows for easy fine tuning of the flow rate. With a self-priming speed of 2,900 rpm, it is suitable for applications that require operating pressures up to 3,625 psi but can handle pressures spikes up to 4,600 psi.

The pump is connected to the PTO or directly to the motor by an SAE-B flange. It is available with load-sensing and electric proportional controllers, and is designed to integrate with HAWE’s modular line of valves. ¬†Among the options available is a thru-shaft with radial suction and pressure ports for mounting additional variable displacement pumps or auxiliary pumps.

The V40M has a length of 8.2 inches. It fits small spaces making it particularly well suited for applications where a tandem pump is needed if efficient parallel operation of multiple consumers at full load is called for.

Learn more about the V40M.

Download the V40M Datasheet.

V60N-130: High Pressure and High Volume

V60N-130 Axial Piston Pump

The newest addition to the V60N series of HAWE's variable displacement axial pistion pumps is ready for high pressure and high volume, with working pressures of up to 5800 psi (6090 psi peak) and displacement volumes up to 8 in3/rev. The pump has a high self-priming speed rating and a quiet operating noise level. Weighing only 68 lbs, this pump is one of the most power dense products on the market.

The V60N-130 is designed for direct flange mounting to the PTO on commercial vehicle transmissions, and includes an integrated torque controller to further safeguard the drive train.

Thru-shaft versions are available for flange mounting additional variable displacement and auxiliary pumps as well. Several different controllers, including an electrohydraulic displacement control, are offered to enhance a variety of applications.

This pump is a part of an energy efficient hydraulic solution that complies with emission regulations Tier 4 and Euro 6.

Download the V60N-130 Datasheet.

TRX - P1: HAWE Radio Remote

Download the TRX - P1 Datasheet.

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